Revive Your White Bed Linen

One of life’s little pleasures, after a long day there’s nothing better than diving into a freshly made bed, complete with clean linen. The sheets are cool, freshly scented and somehow even more comfortable than they were before you changed them.

There’s only one problem – your sheets that were once a brilliant white, have now taken on a faded grey tinge. Thanks to Vanish Gold for Whites there’s no need to worry about dull and faded white linen again!


Why bed linen loses its sparkle

A result of everyday use and frequent washing, white bed sheets can easily lose their brilliant whiteness. Bright, clean and crisp when you first take them out of the packet, it’s disappointing when you realise that your lovely white bed linen isn’t as white as when you first bought it.

While it’s tempting to make your bed your cinema, dining table and all-round centre of your universe, the more you use it for activities other than sleeping, the more likely your bed linen is to become faded. 

How to revive your bed linen

Although it may seem that your bed linen will never be as good as new again, with the right care all is not lost. Follow our top tips to return your whites to their former glory, up to 3 shades whiter!

Help your bed linen stay white for longer

There are a few things to consider when it comes to preserving your white bed linen. By adjusting how you wash and store your bed sheets, it’s possible to keep them looking brilliantly white for longer.

  •          Washing and drying

While it might at times seem like a quick fix, not using bleach on your whites will avoid them developing yellow stains. Don’t mix your white bed sheets with laundry that contains colour or your linen could end up looking duller and older than it already is.

Before your sheets dull and grey, put a scoop of Vanish Gold for Whites Powder or 60ml of Vanish Gold for Whites Gel in every wash. 

However, if your sheets have faded, there’s a great way to make them up to three shades whiter! Add one scoop of powder or 60ml of gel to 4L of warm water and leave your linen to soak for up to six hours before washing.

Once your sheets have been washed hang them outside to air-dry. Exposure to the sunshine is a natural way help to your white linen retain its brightness.

  •          Ironing and storage

Once you’ve dried your bed linen it’s a good idea to iron it before putting away. A steam iron will help to moisten stiff creases quickly making them faster to remove.

You might not think it, but how you store your bed linen can have an effect on its quality. Keep in a clean cupboard or drawer and store dark colours separately.

By following these simple tips, you can rest assured that your white sheets should stay white and you can enjoy the comfort of a fresh bed each and every night.