Toilet Training a pet

Pets can make for a wonderful addition to any home. From keeping you company while watching the TV, getting you up and active for a walk, or just having someone pleased to see you when you walk through the door, an animal can make all the difference, and bring joy (and fur) to your home. However, before you run off and buy two dogs, a cat, and a cockatoo, there are some things you’ll want to think about. Animals (as a rule) create mess, whether it’s from toilet training, or just from eating, or trapping in dirt. Furthermore, cat and dog hair, as well as mess, are necessary evils of taking care of a pet, and you’ll need to be ready to train your pet, which means being prepared to clean up too. As such, stain removal becomes something of a concern when you think about bringing a pet home.


Toilet Training

With dogs, teaching a puppy to go outside when they need to is down to consistency, and reinforcement of good habits. For a start, protect your carpets and floors! Put down plenty of padding on the floor. Newspapers are often used, but also old towels can be helpful in absorbing waste. To start training your new puppy, set a routine. Puppies in general have less control over their bladder and bowel movements, so at the very beginning try to take them out every 30 minutes or so. Your puppy will also show cues when it needs to go, such as waddling, pacing anxiously, or even whining and pawing at the door. As your pet grows, you can reduce the amount of times you’ll need to take it. In general, we suggest taking your dog out three times a day, usually first thing in the morning, around meal times, and right before bed.  In the unfortunate case that your puppy does his business inside the house, don’t tell it off if he makes a stain, but reinforce when he or she does outside with a treat, or with positive attention. Besides, carpet stains can be taken care of with Vanish, so there’s no worry.

Cats, meanwhile, are by comparison usually easier to train. All you’ll need is litter, and a litter tray (for kittens it can help to first buy one with a shallower lip – making it that much easier to get into), both which can be bought from any pet accessories retailer. Much of the time cats are litter trained before you bring them home – they usually learn to use a litter tray by copying their mother. However, if you are training – first make sure to keep the tray away from food and water. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, introduce your cat to the litter tray by placing him or her inside of it. It may walk away disinterested, but your pet will have made a mental note about the area. Just like with dogs, don’t scold your pet if they make a mess elsewhere, but unlike dogs instead pick them up and place them in the litter tray if it happens. This will help increase association with the act, and the place. And for the mess, well…

There’s Vanish Stain Removal!

For every carpet stain (and not just those caused by dog or cat urine) there’s several things you can do. However, the most effective solution for your pet stain problem is Vanish Pet Spray, which helps remove any solid or liquid residue from your carpet. First, test on a small area of your carpet to ensure it won’t affect the colour. If your carpet is unaffected, simply spray Vanish pet onto the stained area, and gently rub in. Leave the solution to work for up to five minutes, and then wipe away. The spray can remove tough pet stains, as well as odours left behind. It also discourages pets from resoiling the same area, too, as an added benefit.