The Cat's Pyjama : Caring for a New Kitten

Bringing a new kitten to the home can be a great joy for all involved. Not only do you get a furry pet as company, but you get to watch a kitten grow, and have a life partner that will always be pleased to see you. However, there are a lot of things to think about (such as making your home a safe place for your kitten) when you want to bring a new one home. Below we'll take you through some of the things to think about, including a stain removal tip or two!

Home Safety

Safety should be your first concern. Would there be any place or item that could be a hazard to a small cat? This would include items with sharp edges or ends, tight spaces or even certain types of houseplant. Are you in the habit of leaving windows open? Are there any spaces such as under the cooker that your kitten could be trapped? Doing a survey of the house and making sure nothing is left out will help you a lot, but knowing if a vet is nearby can also provide a safety net.

House training

Initially, house training your kitten can take some time, but putting in the time early will forge good habits, and will ensure that cat urine will be much less of a problem. Having an easily accessible cat litter tray is the first thing to do. To begin the process, place your kitten in the litter tray after feeding, and scratch the litter with your finger. After doing this for the first few times your kitten should quickly learn that the litter box is its toilet. If it has trouble learning then consult a vet about how you can continue the process.

Necessary Items

With a new kitten you'd also need a host of new toys and other items too. A litter tray, a cat bed, food trays (not to mention the food), and fun toys are the bare minimum of items that you'd need. Scratching posts, hygiene products (for declawing and brushing) and other miscellaneous items can help keep your cat happy, but understanding what they need can be an ongoing process. Just think what you would need to put in your home, and budget as required.


Cat urine is a very difficult substance to remove, so you need to be on guard. Confining your pet to a specific room such as a kitchen can initially prevent your kitten from making too much of a mess, but over time your curious cat will want to explore, and with good training he or she will be less likely to stain anything. However, whether on carpet or clothing Vanish has you covered. Depending on whether your cat has urinated on clothing or carpet will largely determine what product you use, but turn to Vanish for every stain, big or small.