The Best Back-to-School Advice

A little planning goes a long way, don't get caught out by the back to school rush, here are our top five tips for getting ready for September.

Make the most of the sales
Think about everything you need before you go shopping so you're not buying anything for the sake of it or wasting any time. You can do this by spending a little time sorting to identify any clothes that your child has outgrown or any broken lunch boxes that belong in the bin.

Be careful you don't automatically throw something away before trying to save it. Whites that seem trashed with grass and mud stains can be rescued with some Vanish before a quick wash.

Gradually adjust back into the old routine

Begin adjusting to the old routine a couple of weeks before term starts:

Move bedtime to a little earlier in the evening
Talk to your child about the positives of going back to school, e.g. seeing their friends again
Try to avoid holidays just before school starts
Establish schedules for work, rest and play

Plan the school run
Making sure the kids get to school safely and on time is always a stressful experience. If your little one is attending a new school, make sure you've addressed the issue of transportation.

If they are walking or cycling, remind them about stranger awareness and cycle safety and do a dry run of the route with them a few times.
If you are giving them a lift in a car, make sure you're familiar with the route and have a think about the best time to go.

Get organised
Use the holiday time to prepare for the school year ahead, that way you'll always be one step ahead of the game.

If the school has sent an information pack, mark down important dates in your diary such as term dates and parent evenings etc.
There might also be lots of paper work to fill out so get that done early to avoid any last minute stress.
Also update contact information etc. in case of any emergencies

Sort out after-school care plans
Good after-school care isn't always easy to find with some child-minders booked up months in advance. Try to get this sorted out as early as you can. Remember to check your child knows exactly where they are going after school and ring to double-check with the care a few days before school starts.

If your child is going to be home alone before you get back from work, make sure you lay down some ground rules in terms of answering the door and the phone and staying safe in general. Don't worry if there are any spillages by the time you get back, just have some carpet cleaning shampoo ready in the cupboard. The important thing is that your child is safe.