Tackling Stains: Getting Grass and Mud Out of Sports Kits

There's something unbeatable about stepping out on to a field on a wet weekend morning, ready to engage in some healthy competition. The rain may be whipping about your ears, and the mud pouring in your boots, but this couldn't be further from your mind in the heat of battle, and neither could the stains that this brings with it.

Whilst sport is something many of us enjoy, and a great part of a healthy lifestyle, the fun and games typically don't stretch to washing the clothes afterwards. There are two main culprits that have historically made washing sports clothes such a hassle, and those are mud and grass stains.

Mud Stains
The first thing to remember before you begin to remove a mud stain is that you should, in fact, let it dry. If you try to scrape off the larger lumps whilst it's still wet, more often than not you will just spread the stain. Wait till mud dries so you can easily flake off the lumps, leaving just the mark behind. Once this has been done, mix a stain removal detergent, such as Vanish Gold Oxi Action, with some water, and apply it generously to the stain. Soak the garment in hot water for up to an hour, as this will get to work with the Vanish to loosen any leftover mud or soil that has remained in the fibres.

Once the garment has finished soaking, put it on a regular wash in the machine with an added scoop of Vanish to ensure that all traces of mud are removed.

Grass Stains
Unlike mud stains, the sooner you deal with a grass stain, the more likely it is to come out. It is best to first rinse with cold water - from the inner side of the fabric - to stop it setting in further. When the area is wet enough, you are ready to begin tackling the stain

For best results, just work the Vanish stain remover in to the grass stain and allow it to soak for anywhere up to 6 hours, according to the product's guidelines. For white clothing, a specialized product such as Vanish Gold Oxi Action should be used. When the time is up, wash the clothing with a scoop of Vanish to ensure that the stain has been banished for good.

Follow this simple guide from Vanish, and don't let worries about your clothes put a stain on your performance.