Picnic Planning

When planning the perfect picnic there are a few factors to consider, least of all the sun cream! From the food, to the extras, and the games to play, making sure you’re going to have a fun day out takes a little planning. Our picnic planning guide can help you set the scene for a grand day out, and also could help when you come in and have a few clothes stains to tackle. But first… 


The Food

Filling a picnic basket with your favourite treats can really make the day special. From sandwiches to cakes, biscuits to fruit, there’s so much choice that all suits whatever food theme you have in mind. If you’re thinking about a stain removal tip, try to reduce the amount of juicy types of food, such as mango, watermelon or even whole tomatoes, as these can drip onto your clothes. Bringing along plenty of water is important, particularly if it’s hot, so take a litre or two per person.

Choosing the Spot

Finding a flat area is a good way to begin a picnic. Then make sure there’s plenty of space to run or play games, but also try to make sure there’s shade nearby if things get a little hot – a large tree can do the trick, but you may want to bring a gazebo too. If you want to protect against grass stains, a picnic blanket would help. It needn’t necessarily just be a blanket – an old rug, tablecloth or even (extremely large) scarf could do, but it’s nice to have something between you and the grass, and gives you the chance to lie down comfortably without getting grass stains.

The Games

Frisbee, rugby, boules, shuttlecock or football can be great fun, and what you bring is dependent on what kind of equipment you have at home, and of course what you and your family and friends prefer. If you don’t have anything to hand, tag, stuck in the mud and even races can be fun games to play. Of course, these could leave you working up a sweat, so leave time between to cool down before you feel too clammy. And all those stains can be taken care of with a quick soak with Vanish.

The Extras and Essentials

Packing a few lawn chairs also gives you a little more luxury and comfort. Insect repellant, sun cream and a couple of plasters and antibacterial ointment can cover the basics of keeping your health covered (apply creams carefully so they don’t stain your clothes.) Finally, don’t forget a fully charged mobile phone! With this you can take pictures, make sure your friends don’t get lost, and also will keep you covered in case of emergencies too.


Picnic Stain Removal

Clothes stains in the forms of juice, sun cream, grass or even strawberries can be a common result of a fun picnic. However, you don’t need think about them when you’re enjoying the sunshine. With Vanish, stain removal is quick, easy and effective, and you can have a little piece of mind while you let your clothes soak the stains away.

To effectively pre-treat your post-picnic clothing, apply Vanish Gold Pre Treat Powergel to stained areas. It’s easy to tackle tough stains with application, and letting the stain get to work for between 1-5 minutes, utilizing the head which can help rub in the solution. Once you have allowed the time, wash as usual with your detergent, and a scoop of Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder for amazing stain removal.