Pet Stain Stories

You want to ensure they are happy and well-looked after but, as cute as they may be, Vanish understands it doesn’t matter if they are canine or feline, you love your pets, but not the messes that they leave behind.

Here is a look at three things that some pet owners consider to be pet peeves and how to deal with them:

FUR - “I love my pets but their fur is so difficult to remove!”

Both cats and dogs shed their fur throughout the year, it can be inconvenient when it comes to cleaning as the hairs intertwine with the carpet fabric.

If you have a pet, then you already know how troublesome removing their fur from the carpet can be. Fortunately, Vanish Carpet Care Foam  can remove 3x more hair than vacuuming alone, and also remove odour.

  1. Shake well and spray onto the desired area you wish to clean
  2. Work in the foam using a clean damp cloth
  3. Leave for 2 hours, or until dry, and vacuum

URINE – “I just got a puppy and when he gets so excited he wets himself.”

This usually happens to puppies under the age of one year, and you may experience them getting excited when they are playing, when you come home or when people come over[1]. Although it is going to take some time for your puppy to grow out of this, it is always good to start toilet training your pet as soon as possible to try an instil good habits when they are young. For any training matters please check with a veterinarian or a pet specific specialist. If your fluffy friend does get excited and has any accidents Vanish can always help you remove the stains. Vanish Carpet trigger removes urine stains and odours, leaving your carpet fresh.

MUD – “For some strange reason, my cat loves rolling around in the mud then rolling around on the carpet. He is too cute to stay mad at but it is such a pain to remove.”

Once in a while you are bound to encounter some muddy paw prints. This is something that is going to be more common through the wetter months and more obvious in places where you fluffy companion is entering and exiting your home. For these high traffic areas it is best to use Vanish Gold Carpet Care Powder, which is easy to use and works deep into your carpet to remove 5x more dirt leaving your carpet clean:

  1. Prepare the carpet by going over with a vacuum to remove any excess dirt and dust.
  2. Before use, shake the bag thoroughly to maximize product coverage. Pull the sealing strips from the bottom of the pouch and remove completely.
  3. Hold the bag by the handle and shake to distribute the powder evenly on the carpet. Do not add water.
  4. Using a soft brush, immediately brush the Vanish Gold Carpet Care Powder thoroughly into the carpet.
  5. Allow the Vanish Gold Carpet Care Powder to work until the carpet is completely dry (at least 20 minutes). Keep the room ventilated during drying and vacuuming – it is still possible to walk on the carpet.
  6. Vacuum up the dried powder thoroughly.
  7. After use, carefully roll up the pouch towards the adhesive tag, gently lift the tag and pull it over to reseal.
  8. In rare cases there may be light patches after vacuuming as the powder can bind to the stain residues; remove the residues with a soft brush and vacuum again.

Whether you prefer to have a feline companion, or the canine variety, if they are urinating or treading mud through the house, patience can wear thin when you are left to pick up the pieces and remove pet stains. When your carpet and upholstery starts to look tired and dull, use Vanish to tackle them head on with the carpet and upholstery range.

The Vanish Carpet Gold Care range can combat carpet dirt build-up, especially in the high traffic areas of your home such as hallways, staircases and doorways. Remember to always follow the instructions on the packet, ventilate the area during and after use and keep out of direct contact of your pets whilst cleaning.