Messiest Family Meals

It’s not often in this day and age that a family can sit together when eating meals, in fact a TV dinner may happen in most households, but it’s sometimes nice to fit in some family time during dinner. If you are going to go out of your way to create a meal for the ones you love, you can feel safe in the knowledge that whatever the stain caused by the food may be, Vanish will always be right there to help you get rid of it.

Here are a few of the tastiest, messiest meals that you could cook for your family:


It doesn’t matter if you’re making it from scratch, using a jar of pasta sauce or chopped tomatoes in a tin, Bolognese sauce could be a potential for drama. As delicious as it may be, if you aren’t wearing a full body suit, there’s an almost certainty that you’re going to end up with a tomato stain; whether it’s from enthusiastically stirring the sauce or slurping the spaghetti.

Vanish tip: wearing an apron is always a good way to prevent any food preparation stains but if you are prone to making a mess at the table, you can always avoid spaghetti splashes by reducing the amount of slurping you do.

Soups and stews

These are going to be particularly popular through the colder months but equally as messy as any other dish on this list. From perfecting the pureed consistency to the potential splashing from pouring it, anywhere down the line there could be a stain.

Vanish tip: Slow and steady would be the best way to approach pouring the soup into the bowl and eating it.


Whether you’re making them hot and spicy or mild and sweet, with only a thin tortilla separating the contents of your wrap from your favourite pair of jeans, it’s no wonder why the Fajita makes it onto our list of messiest meals!

Most people will say “it’s down to how you wrap it” but that’s not always the case. If you like a lot of sauce or filling in your wrap there’s a good chance to drop food on yourself while you’re eating it. Ultimately, even through stern preparation, there is a chance to get messy because oil can splatter on to your clothes when frying either the meat of vegetables.  They’re just deliciously dangerous.

Vanish tip: Most people will say “it’s down to how you put your wrap together” so here is how you correctly assemble and fold a fajita:

  1. Slightly warm your tortilla wrap, making sure it doesn’t get too crispy otherwise it will snap
  2. Place all your fajita filling in the centre of wrap and fold over one side into the middle
  3. Fold over the opposite side ensuring that the two sides overlap – this is where you hold it whilst eating
  4. Tuck in!


Speaking of mild and hot, one of the stains that can be the most daunting to obtain from a meal is curry. The turmeric and paprika colour is most noticeable with its yellowy-orange colour, and more often than not it tends to find the lightest patch on our clothing to land on. Typical.

Vanish tip: Prevention is always a good place to start when it comes to curry stains so try to protect your clothes with a napkin and have another on standby for when there are any drips or splashes.

Anything that is made on the BBQ

Whilst summer and BBQ seemingly go hand-in-hand so does BBQ and messy foods. Let’s face it, anything that can be cooked on a BBQ can either be eaten with your hands or is covered in sauce. That’s two potentials for messy clothes and sticky fingers. As good as it may taste, no-one wants to have it on their jeans and down their t-shirts.

Vanish tip: If you’re the chef in charge, wear an apron to protect your clothes from any sizzling sauces that are likely to splash as the food cooks, and have plenty of napkins readily available for your guests.

As you can see there is always chance for a stain to occur on your clothes when cooking or eating even the simplest of meals, but you should be safe if you follow our top tips. If you do still manage to get a stain, the Vanish stains solver to remove the worry, and the stains, so you can enjoy meals with your family in peace.

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