How to keep Yourself Cool throughout the Day

Although sweating is the body’s natural way of regulating its internal temperature [1], it can, understandably, be considered embarrassing as a build-up of sweat can ultimately lead to sweat stains and yellow marks on your clothes. Don’t worry though! While your body naturally looks after itself, Vanish will look after your clothes.

Here are some tips to help maintain your cool and stay calm throughout the day:

Getting ready for the day

Take your time! When it comes to getting ready, the thought of having to rush only means that you’re going to be moving around quickly, increasing your temperature and making yourself sweat even more than you would have already!

Top tip: If possible, try to keep windows open until you are ready to leave the house to allow a breeze to circulate around you as you get ready.


No one likes being hot and bothered in rush hour, so it’s completely understandable that the idea of having to get on a completely full bus or train is a dreaded task. Whilst there may not be room to move around, you can take some extra precautions in order to stay moderately cool under the circumstances.

There is no way to completely avoid your commute but you can make your travels more tolerable by getting a slightly earlier or later train, if it’s convenient. If you work in an office it may even be an idea to travel in wearing a more breathable fabric, such as, say, a t-shirt, and then change into your workwear later. This will reduce the amount of sweat going into the collar, further preventing sweat stains in the long run.   

Top tip: A handheld fan can help keep you cool if you have to spend considerable amounts of time on public transport. Remember it’s always important to stay hydrated especially during the warmer months as you are losing a lot more water than you would usually through sweating!


These kind of pressured environments can be easily considered the cause of excessive sweating, whilst your body produces sweat to regulate your body temperature, it’s also normal to perspire if you feel nervous, anxious or stressed [2].

However, you don’t have to worry about the stains that may occur from sweating because Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel can always help remove them.

Top tip: Always read the instructions on the packaging and follow the care labels on your clothes to ensure the best wash every time.

Running late to pick the kids up

Whether you’re picking up the kids from school or from their friends’ house, the last thing you want to be is late! The thought of inconveniencing someone, or even have your children waiting may leave you feeling anxious, or even stressed, which can cause your body to start producing sweat.

Top tip: Of course leaving earlier to pick up the children would be an easy way to avoid being late, but this isn’t always an option. However, as stress can be linked to sweating, deep breathing is a great way to help lower stress levels within your body [3].

There is no way to really stop your body’s natural perspiration but you can remove inevitable sweat stains of yours, and your families, throughout Even if you don’t wash your clothes straight away Vanish works on seven day dried in stains, so there’s no need for you to do more washes than normal.

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