Help Christmas is Coming…

Christmas is coming and so are friends and family to share in the joy of the festive season and fill your home with gravy and red wine stains, chocolate bits, miscellaneous crumbs, ribbons and bits of gift wrap.  But don't despair with a little bit of pre-planning you will be able to enjoy Christmas just as much as your guests.

Before you transform your home with decorations, presents and people have a quick pre-Christmas blitz. But where to start? Don't try and clean everything, concentrate on the rooms that people will be in over the holidays such as the living and dining areas and the bathroom and perhaps the guest bedroom. Remember that your friends and family are there to see you and won't expect your house to be perfect!

Christmas Blitz Tips:

  • To create space for putting up all your decorations and Christmas cards as well as new gifts it's a good idea to have a general clear up and sort out. Tidy away old newspapers and magazines. Take any unwanted items to the local charity shop.
  • Get the oven ready by removing the burnt on grime and grease - there is nothing worse than the smell of old fat burning whilst the current dinner is cooking, particularly on Christmas Day.
  • Don't leave it until the bird is due in the oven to dig the turkey-sized roasting dish out of a cupboard and find it less than clean. Use washing-up liquid or a cream cleaner to clean it, or for really tough burnt-on grime, clean as you would clean an oven.
  • Christmas is a time for candles so look at your candlesticks and ensure they are free of dust last year's wax.
  • Tiles and surfaces could do with a really good clean, that way they look good and you know you can have some time off over the Christmas holiday too.
  • Defrost and clean out your fridge and freezer so you have room for your Christmas food shopping.
  • Sort out cupboards so you know what ingredients and perhaps crockery you are short off. This way you can plan your shopping list and avoid that last minute dash to the shops you can also plan to borrow the items you need for the table settings.
  • What about freshening up your carpets? Vanish PowerPowder Large Area Carpet Cleaner is a revolutionary new product designed to clean and refresh your carpet. The moist powder helps remove tough ground in dirt, odours and dust trapped deep in the carpet pile. It has been specially designed for easy use on large areas of your home. The fast drying action of the powder means carpets are dry in just 20 minutes and the fragrance leaves carpets smelling great.
  • How about booking a professional window cleaner to give your windows a professional sparkle. At this time of year the sun is very low and so if it does shine it can show up any dirt or finger print marks.
  • Make sure you have enough washing powder and Vanish Oxi-Action to ensure you all have beautifully clean and stain free party clothes, tablecloths, towels and bed linen all through the Christmas holiday.