Grab Some Amazing Perks with Britain’s Greatest

Britain's Greatest is a new venture from the name behind some of Britain's most trusted brands: Vanish, Dettol, Durex and more. This amazing opportunity gives you the chance to get the best out of Britain by offering discounts, deals and a whole host of exciting competitions throughout the whole of 2012. Read on to find out more.

In these dark economic times, people need all the help they can get, particularly with necessary expenditure on household goods to make sure the home isn't in as much of a state as the world's financial affairs. From multi-purpose cleaners to polish, bleach to air fresheners, the cost of all the products needed to maintain a healthy, clean home soon adds up.

Britain's Greatest offers money off numerous items that you use around the house from things similar to Vanish Sensitive Powder right through to Airwick refills. Each coupon is only available for a limited time and you can print them off directly from the site.

Britain's Greatest are also running some fantastic competitions this summer like 'Win a cleaner for a year'. Imagine all the exhausting work that could cut out for you! You can also win a load of cleaning products to keep your house looking spotless! All you need to do is take an amusing picture of yourself cleaning and attach it when you submit your entry.

Another example is the 'Win a Mini' competition that is also promoted in Morrisons stores. All you need to do is send a text to be entered into a competition to win a brand new Mini Cooper.

The search to find the new baby face of Bonjela is also on. The closing date for submitting an entry has passed but you can still vote for your favourite baby smile. Three entrants will get the chance to go to a photo shoot before a final winner is picked as the face of Bonjela Teething Gel 2012. There's nothing like looking at pictures of cute kids to raise your spirits after a hard day of housework!

Britain's Greatest is also giving you the chance to get your opinion heard on some of Britain's hottest current debates. No they're not talking about boring stuff like the Eurozone or the Leveson Inquiry but really important topical questions like 'Who has Britain's Greatest male celebrity legs?' and 'Who is Britain's Greatest Hollywood export?'. You can chime in with your view and see if it matches the consensus around the rest of Great Britain. Reading these entertaining polls is a lovely way of filling some time as you wait for the stain removers to do their magic with your washing or wait for those cakes to rise in the oven.

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