Get through the Christmas Party in one Piece

Part and parcel of every party season, the inevitable Christmas do can generate enough gossip to last an entire year. Vanish Oxi Action Powder may be able to get rid of the most stubborn stains but it can't erase actions and events so make sure you're remembered for the right reasons by following our top tips on how to survive the office party.

The demon drink

Drinking alcohol can help loosen you up in social situations and help you relax with your colleagues but it's best to make sure you stay alert and under control at the Christmas party. Consider limiting yourself to one drink an hour and drink a glass of water between each one. If you get too drunk, you're probably not going to be successful with the rest of the tips.

If your colleagues don't follow this advice and someone spills a glass of red down your party dress, don't get flustered. You can find some great tips on removing red wine stains on's stain solutions page.

Imagine you're still in the office

Although a Christmas party is certainly more informal than an office environment, many of the rules of etiquette still apply. If you wouldn't go up to the new hottie in accounts and try to dance with them in the office, don't do it at the Christmas do. Feel free to engage them in conversation, particularly if you find out you share common interests but wait until the New Year to ask them out.

Avoid thinking that your boss is your new best friend just because you are talking to them at the Christmas party. Now is not the time to mention that the stationery cupboard is not satisfactory or how annoyed you get at the amount of time it takes for IT support to fix your computer. Stay away from the subject of office politics altogether so you don't talk yourself into a nasty corner.

Widen your horizons

Don't just hang around with the same old people you go to lunch with. This is a chance to meet other people in the company and impress them with your social skills. Colleagues are observing you at all times and if you handle yourself well with new people at the party then you're more likely to build new relationships in the New Year.