Garden Games And Garden Stains

Picture the scene: it’s the weekend, the sun’s shining, the grass is freshly cut and your friends and family are coming to visit. What could be better than making the most of the weather and getting into the garden for a BBQ and garden games?

Next time you’re entertaining, consider some of these enjoyable outdoor games that the whole family can take part in – and thanks to Vanish, you won’t have to worry about the stains that accompany them!

Lawn games

Easy to play for all ages and abilities, traditional lawn games are a fun way to enjoy an afternoon with family and friends.

If you’re inspired by the sun and a spot of freshly cut grass, why not opt for a game of tennis or badminton? Both racquet sports, tennis and badminton require the players to stand in opposite halves of a rectangular court. The goal is to land the ball or shuttlecock in your opponents side of the court to win.

You don’t need a sprawling garden to play either game. Simply mark out the court width on your lawn with chalk. Easy to set up, all you’ll need to get started are two to four tennis or badminton racquets, a tennis ball or shuttlecock and a makeshift net.

Make sure you keep an eye out for any grass stains or mud stains while you are playing (without letting it affect your game)!


Games both adults and children can enjoy!

If the lawn games above are a little too serious for your guests, there’s nothing like some old school sports’ day games to get the garden party started! If you’re going to get really involved in the following games, make sure you’re wary of stains from diving about!

  •          Frisbee

To master Frisbee all you need to do is throw the plastic disc out from your chest towards your opponent without it touching the floor. But that would be too simple!

To make Frisbee more interesting, set up hula-hoops at either end of the garden and take it in turns to throw your Frisbee through them. The person with the most Frisbees thrown through the hoops wins the game.

  •          Egg and spoon race

Divide your guests into several teams and supply each with a fresh egg and a tablespoon. The aim of the game is to balance the egg on the spoon and race with it to the finishing line without dropping the egg on the ground or even worse, staining your clothes!

  •          Three-legged race

Ask your guests to organise themselves into pairs and line up along the finish line. Strap the left leg of one team member to the right leg of their partner and encourage the teams to sprint across the garden as soon as you say “go”.

Much like the egg and spoon race, the aim is to reach the finish line, although it’s likely that each pair will spend most of their time on the grass – making it a recipe for stains!

  •          Tag

Nothing beats a game of tag where one or more players chase the others in an attempt to "tag" them. Once you tag someone, it becomes their turn to chase the other players. This game involves a lot of running and crawling, as a result you can guarantee some mud and sweat stains at the end of the game.


When garden stains strike

Whichever games you play – towards the end of the day you might find garden stains, either from grass or mud, on your clothes. This will be especially true of you’ve spent the afternoon perfecting your forward roll!

Where possible treat your mud or grass stain as soon as you can for a greater chance of getting it out. Try Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel to get rid of all those stubborn garden stains. Fill the Vanish dosing pod with 20ml of the fast-acting Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel and rub it onto your stain. Leave for 10 minutes and then wash as normal with your usual detergent and 60ml of Vanish.

Safe in the knowledge that Vanish can remove even the toughest garden stains, whatever games you decide to play in the garden you can really throw yourself into the action.