Fading Whites: How To Make Them Bright Again

White is one of the most classic, vibrant and energetic colours that can be worn all year round.

Whether it’s a crisp white shirt, underwear, towels, bed linen or a fun alternative to the little black dress, we all have whites in our wardrobe or drawers that we want to keep sparkling!

However, unlike clothing in other colours, whites sometimes need a little more attention to keep them looking their best.

With Vanish to lend a helping hand, there are several measures you can take to ensure your white clothing stays as bright and radiant as the day you bought it. 

Why whites fade

No matter how wonderful the white garments in your wardrobe once were, over time they’ll begin to fade. Even if you only wear them on special occasions, whites can become a greyish colour unless you use the right products to keep them bright and white.  

Grass stains, sweat stains, regular washing, over exposure from the sun and frequent use can all take their toll on the appearance of your whites. So instead of going to the great expense and hassle of replacing your old and faded clothes, why not banish the grey for good?

How to whiten clothes? - Try the Vanish whites guide below:

Here are four effortless tips to keep your wardrobe looking brilliantly white with Vanish Gold for Whites:

  1.       Wash with Vanish

There are many home remedies thought to boost the brightness of whites such as mild acid vinegar, neat lemon juice and even soluble aspirin – however Vanish products have been specifically formulated to tackle fading whites, whether it be your bedding or your favourite shirt.

To make your whites up to three shades whiter, simply add one scoop of Vanish Gold for Whites Powder to 4L of warm water and leave your garments to soak for up to six hours. Add one extra scoop in your washing machine and wash as normal.

Alternatively, try Vanish Gold for Whites Gel.

  1.       Always wash whites on their own

While it might be tempting to mix whites with other light coloured garments, colours are easily transferred and therefore whites should always be washed separately.

  1.       Avoid bleach

Bleaching clothing with chlorine bleach is bad news for white garments. When combined with iron and hot water it can turn clothing yellow, so stick to products specifically designed for white garments.

  1.       Store whites separately

To keep your white garments looking radiant keep them away from dark colours. If stored together coloured fabrics may leave friction stains on your whites, so always store separately.

By following these four simple steps, thanks to Vanish , you’ll be able to keep your white essentials brilliantly white season after season.