Create The Perfect Kids Sports Day

Create the Perfect Kids Sports Day

When summer comes, the opportunity to go outside and play in the garden isn’t one to be passed up. With a summer of major sporting events, a mini Sports Day for your children and their friends is a great way to encourage them to be a team player and get active.

Children easily get messy and there is no doubt that during all the sporting activities your kids are going to end up with stains on their clothes. But don’t worry about those because while everyone’s enjoying themselves, Vanish will be there to remove the stains.

There are for your children and you can find ideas in our video but here are some more ways you can make the most out of the day:

Everyone deserves a medal!

Even if medals are awarded at the end of all the activities, crafting them at the beginning may be easier, when the kids are still calm and focused.

Step 1: To ensure that everything is the same size, prepare the basic medal shape by drawing around a cup to get a perfect circle.

Step 2: Children are imaginative so provide them with anything you can find to decorate their medals, such as pens, ribbons, stars and anything that sparkles, then let their imaginations run wild.

Step 3: When they’re all decorated and dried you could even get them laminated or cover in sticky-back plastic, to ensure durability, then punch a hole through the top and thread some ribbon through.

Why not organise a mini football match?

It doesn’t have to be a full on 11-a-side match lasting 90 minutes but a team of four or five can easily be set up in the comfort of your back garden or park. Children are usually full of energy so a 20 minute match shouldn’t be a struggle for them. Put a 10 minute break in the middle, as a half time, and make them switch sides after the break is over and it suddenly starts to feel like a real football match.


The easiest event to organise. Inevitably, someone will fall over so make sure you thoroughly check the ground where the children will be running and remove anything that could potentially harm them. Then, have two adults stand with a piece of ribbon to mark the finish line so the winner runs through it. Ready, steady, go!

Shot put (without the danger)

Beanbags are a much safer and lighter substitute for your children to throw. If you can get hold of different coloured bags then assign each child a different colour and see who comes in first, second and third.

Relay race

It’s one of the fun events where team work is a must, which makes it a nice way to finish off your games before your medal ceremony. Depending on how many children are involved, work out how to divide your teams and give them something they need to run with that isn’t going to hurt them when they pass the ‘baton’ over, or if they fall.  

For example, you can use a soft toy, and thanks to Vanish, even if it does get dirty, you can get them stain-free again before bedtime!

Finally the medal ceremony

Remember those medals you got everyone to make at the beginning? Mix them up, so no child gets the one they created, and award one to every child who participated.

Always have kids plasters ready though, just in case there are any bumps and scrapes during the events. If you do find that your little athlete’s uniform gets grass, mud, or even blood stains from all the fun of the games, you can rely on Vanish to help you remove the stains as the games come to an end.

See also the interactive Vanish Stain Solver tool providing the solution to the stains your child is likely to get on their clothing when playing outside.