Colours of the Stainbow

Throughout history rainbows have been the source of much mythology – unexplained, they mystified the ancient world as the vibrant range of colours was extremely rare to see in the average personals lifetime.     

Although a rainbow may be colourful, and look pretty, each of the seven colours in the rainbow also represent some of the most challenging stains that you may encounter when it comes to doing the laundry. However, you can always sleep easy knowing that Vanish has the perfect product to help you, whatever the colour of your stain.

Red – Blood

Whether you’ve managed to cut yourself chopping the carrots, or your child has fallen over, the first colour in the stainbow is certainly not the one you would want to see anywhere. The usual fear is that it can stain clothes if not removed straight away, but with Vanish, stains that are up to seven days old can still be removed - even the more challenging ones such as blood.

Orange – Curry Stains

All curries have one thing in common – the ability to stain clothes. Due to the spices that are in them, such as turmeric and paprika, if you spill some of your meal on your clothes it can feel like a nightmare. Fortunately it isn’t because Vanish whether you like your curry mild or hot, curry stains can always be removed.



Yellow – Mustard

It’s the perfect accompaniment for burgers and hotdogs at a BBQ, but it is also easily dropped. No doubt as soon as you see that drop of mustard on your clothes there’s a little groan. Just like with curry, mustard contains turmeric, which, although may provide that pop of colour to add some variety into your meal, also happens to be an unsightly stain.

Green – Grass

Be it picnics, a quick game of football or just running around, somehow grass stains end up on knees and elbows as if they are destined to be together.

Blue – Blueberries

Blueberries, although a great addition to muffins and fruit salads, produce stains that can be difficult to remove for fabrics. They may be full of antioxidants but the juice in blueberries is also a deep colour that can hardly be missed if you get it on your clothes. Visit the Vanish Tip Exchange video on how to remove blueberry stains, or to share your own tips.

Indigo – Ink

If you’re left handed you know more than anyone the stress of having smeared the ink from your freshly written page down the side of your hand and onto your cuffs of your shirt. Ink stains aren’t just for the left handed though as everyone is guilty of forgetting about that leaky pen in your pocket until it’s too late, bleeding through the fabric. Although it might seem like all is lost, Vanish Gold Oxi Action Gel is guaranteed to remove your ink stains with ease.

Violet – Beetroot

With the growing number of people who are taking an active decision to eat healthier, beetroot has found their way into people’s fridges, as well as onto their clothing. Although they are healthy and add colour to any meal, they can also stain clothes on contact - but beetroot stains are not impossible to remove.

The seven colours in the stainbow may be pretty, but the stains associated with them are not. Vanish can remove even the most difficult stains such as blood, mustard and beetroot so you have more time to admire the rainbow in the sky and not the one on your clothes.