Carpet Checklist

Choosing the perfect carpet can be something of a long decision, after all, there are so many factors to think about. From the feel to the size and even the cost, there are many reasons why you might find refitting, or revamping your living room or bedroom can take its time. In this article, we’ll take you through the checklist of basics to help you pick the right carpet for your home, not forgetting carpet stain removal!


The Room

The required carpet can change hugely depending on the room. For a bedroom you may consider a softer, thicker carpet that feels soft. But for the living room a hard wearing, thinner carpet may be better, and much easier to clean! Carpets on stairs, hallways and landings should also be thought of as slightly different to the other two, with their own different properties.


Pick the perfect padding for your feet! Some may like a thinner carpet, while others may love the feeling of plush thick softness under bare feet. It’s all up to how you feel, and (as above) what is best for the setting.


There are essentially two types of carpet – tufted and woven carpet. The former is much easier to make, and as such the overwhelming majority of carpets sold (at least in the UK) are of this kind. Woven carpets are more labour-intensive in their making, and more expensive, but for people who really care about carpet, this is the option for them.


It’s not just the carpets, but what you place underneath them, that can come into question. Underlay is recommended, as it often improves the life and durability of your carpet. It also helps insulate the floor, reduces noise, and by protecting the carpet’s pile, it makes carpet much easier to clean, helping your vacuum (and stain removal) work much more effectively.

Understanding Maintenance

Some carpets are more prone to picking up dirt than others. Cleaning and maintenance are important factors to know about before you can commit. Lighter shades such as off-white, cream and lighter colours won’t hide stains as easily, which could be an issue if you’re prone to the odd spill, however much Vanish you apply!

Vanish Carpet Stain Removal

With a new carpet laid down, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the odd stain with some Vanish tucked away in the cupboard. For large area carpet cleaning Powerfoam or carpet shampoo can do the trick, helping keep your carpet clean. For anything stain removal, Powershot is our innovative foam, designed to remove stains set deep into the carpet.

So here’s our list! Have any more ideas? Get in touch with us on Vanish’s Facebook Page and let us know what you think about choosing your next carpet.