Bonding With Your Child

There’s a noticeable difference between how children in this day and age spend their time compared to those in the 1990’s. Children, as well as adults, now spend more time on their smart phones and devices which could impact the time that you get to spend with your child.

Here are some ways that you can bond with your child, away from the screen, and you can be sure that no matter how messy the task, Vanish will help remove the day’s stain.


Bonding with your child can happen in any way, shape or form so it’s important that you both have fun. Although children tend to be quite energetic, they are also fast learners so finding something to keep them occupied shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Depending on what’s in season, going fruit picking would be right up anyone’s street. Not only is it going to be delicious but it’s also a fun day out of the house with a sweet healthy prize to show your hard work at the end.

It may also be worthwhile to consider arts and crafts as a more fun and creative to way to bond with your child. It might be one of the messiest forms of play but anything that’s hands-on is bound to go down well, such as creating mini volcanos with soda vinegar or designing your own clothes. For the sake of any potential spills it may be useful to think about coverings for the floors, as well as clothes, but if there are any accidental spills then it’s not the end of the world.






Food is definitely a good way to bond with your child. Whether you’re baking together or cooking together, have your child in the kitchen with you and allow them to be your mini kitchen assistant, with the payment being the first taste fresh out of the oven, or even being able to lick the chocolate off the spoon. Your little chef will likely be more than happy to oblige.


Whilst they will keep both you and your child fit and healthy, it may be difficult to think of sports activities that can be fun which you can both keep up with.  

Learning to ride a bike is one thing that most parents will teach their children but, just like most things, it’s a learning process. Unlike a lot of sports riding a bike solely relies on the fact that your child has to be able to balance themselves on their bike, but the day they can means you can go cycling as a family around some scenic areas. It’s better to practice on a soft surface like grass to start so your child doesn’t get too many grazes if they fall from their bike. At least you know that Vanish is at hand to help remove any blood stains that may come up as a result of those two wheelers.


You may be the parent but deep down every adult is a child at heart, which works perfectly when it comes to watching a film with your child. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take them to the cinema and buy all the bells and whistles that are associated with the trip. Instead why not pop to your local shop and buy some bags of popcorn, close the curtains and get your child to choose a film. You may not be going anywhere, but the beauty of doing this all from the comfort of your own home means that there are more snacks in the kitchen and a pause button for any needed bathroom breaks.

A day at the park

Children love to run around, play and have fun, sometimes getting messy, but in other instances they can also get hurt. Even at the park accidents happen, whether it’s a fall or a bump, it’s not uncommon for children to cut themselves. It’s always best to be prepared with a first aid kit in the car or pram so any cut doesn’t get infected, and any blood can be wiped up to avoid stains . No matter how messy or sweaty that you and your child may get, Vanish will remove the stains that come from a hard day’s play.

There are so many things that you and your child can do together that you the worry of staining clothing impact how you spend your time bonding with your child – mess is fun! Vanish can help you remove the stains caused from a hard day of bonding.

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